Public Directories

Brent Larsen brentoboy at
Thu Jun 15 14:37:37 BST 2006

Ryan Dean Bair wrote:

> > On my machine I have a folder /home/pub which uses ACLs to make it readable 
> > and writeable by all users on the system, newly added content also remains 
> > publically accessable. This works great for my wife and I to easily exchange 
> > documents, and keep our picture collection accessable to both of us.
> Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Is this functionally different from how /tmp traditionally works on Unix
> systems via the sticky bit?
I think it is very different.  /tmp is for temporary files, everything 
in /tmp should be able to be deleted on a fresh boot, photo's and mp3s 
are not temporary by nature.  They are people's documents--except they 
are not owned by a specific person.

as far as ideas for a /home/pub folder, it would be nice if only sudo 
could delete the files, and it would also be nice if execute permission 
could not be given to any of the files in the folder or its subfolders.  
It would also be nice if the permissions were automatically fixed so 
that everyone has read permission to files in there no matter who uses them.

its funny, I had the same exact need as Ryan just a few days ago, and 
for the same reason.  I dont think that we are alone in this need.  I 
think most people want to be able to share photos and things with all 
the users on a PC.


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