Public Directories

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Thu Jun 15 03:52:40 BST 2006

Am Wed, 14. June 2006 22:34 schrieb Ivan Krstic:
> Ryan Dean Bair wrote:
> > On my machine I have a folder /home/pub which uses ACLs to make it
> > readable and writeable by all users on the system, newly added content
> > also remains publically accessable. This works great for my wife and I to
> > easily exchange documents, and keep our picture collection accessable to
> > both of us.
> Is this functionally different from how /tmp traditionally works on Unix
> systems via the sticky bit?

Of course it is.
The /tmp folder is cleaned on boot!
So I would judge this a bad place keep a picture collection.

But the idea of Ryan is close to what is offered by the new documentation 


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