Installing a compiler by default

Stephan Hermann sh at
Fri Jun 9 23:00:48 BST 2006

Hi Herve,

On Friday 09 June 2006 23:46, Hervé Fache wrote:
> Matt,
> That would solve a problem when some package (such as Gems, for Ruby)
> expect a compiler to add modules from source, the same way CPAN does.

Sorry to say, but Gems is a source package management replacement, which 
is evil by default. This imagemagic gems package e.g. doesn't honour 
DESTDIR install e.g. so it's not even usable anyhow.
Actually the best way to have the "gems" installed is, use debian 
packages, where the original source (you can get all those gems most of 
the time as well as tar.gz) is packaged the "right"(tm) way.

Everything else is making some administrators life much more difficult.

> Compiling things as root is not the best of approaches, but there is
> a problem here that could maybe be solved by having a compiler, at
> least temporarily.

Hmmm...if there is no compiler at all, how can I compile as root?
The right way to compile things is in a chroot if and when there is no 
real debian package.
Even an unofficial ubuntu/debian package can be used, to compile the 
source for ubuntu. (hint on pbuilder, sbuild, 

But, this is all developer related stuff, and has nothing to do with a 
normal default user system.

I didn't know anybody who wants to use a "simple" wordprocessor, that 
they compile something before that (forgetting OOO/abiword/kword 

If there is something missing or not working, then they will call most 
likely their happy sysadmin (most of the time the son, father, 
boy-friend, or this freeky, full on crack guy from the company, having 
his office on ground floor, last door, left,and hiding behind several 
monitors, drinking Jolt Coke and a lot of not-decaffeinated black water 
with a taste of coffee without milk and sugar, and with all those pizza 
boxes around him ;))



PS: Sorry to all sysadmins, women, men, sons, fathers, boy-friends, 
girl-friends who I used as an funny example.
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