Inconsistent applications in Ubuntu variants.

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at
Tue Jun 6 03:40:43 BST 2006

I think that non-desktop specific applications should have a consistent
delivery in different Ubuntu variants. The problem is inconsistency of
different non-desktop specific applications. For example, Xubuntu and Ebuntu
variants have replaced in favor of GNOME Office, and
Evolution have been replaced with Orage and Sylpheed. As for Kubuntu,
KOffice is fine, but if the KDE users want to use, that's
fine too, The reason of replacing is in concern with the
resources. I think Ubuntu should review this too, since GNOME Office is
available as a replacement of OpenOffice.

A solution I think is to divide the Ubuntu ISO's into categories, Ubuntu for
conservative and non conservative in respect to resource. Another economical
solution is to include those applications in a single CD for users to choose
upon install.
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