Importing Xen from sid into dapper universe

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at
Mon Jun 5 06:07:56 BST 2006

On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 04:21:45PM +1200, Tom Hibbert wrote:
> > What's crippled about them?  They seem perfectly fine to me running on
> > Breezy.
> Yes, there is no  problem with including the xen packages as generated
> right now, however the Sid package no longer generates the xenlinux
> patches. That means it cant be used to build Xen kernel images. Now that
> this has been removed, the patch/kernel images must be acquired
> separately and outside dpkg's context. (Not Cool.)

Oh, is that all!  I just use the stock Debian kernels (in this case) and it
all works nicely.  I'm not particularly enamoured of running esoteric
hardware, so I don't have the custom kernel twitches.  Even if I did, I'd be
far more inclined to build an out-of-tree driver (if possible) against the
kernel headers, or (if necessary) patch the driver into the Debian/Ubuntu
kernel tree than trying to do it all from scratch on my own.

And hell, I can't exactly fault the Xen package maintainers for including
the patch package -- it's a stone drag to create (due to the way that Xen
upstream provides the patch) and it's pretty kernel-version specific,

> The end goal should be to have everything, including prebuilt Xen
> kernels, available through the package manager.

The kernel-{image,modules}-2.6.16-1-xen-en64t-p4 packages work quite
acceptably for me (modulu initrd and grub editing, but automation is a
beautiful thing), and they're pre-built.

- Matt

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