Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Andy Rabagliati andyr at
Sun Jul 30 12:00:40 BST 2006

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Patrick McFarland wrote:

> > On 7/30/06, Samuel Cormier-Iijima <sciyoshi at> wrote:
> > > Then what are we planning to take off of the CD in order to make space
> > > for Mono + Tomboy + F-Spot + ...?
> The CD is full, is it not?

Of course its full - just like hard disks and kitchen tables. If it were
not, more stuff would be added.

Of course, there is a lot more in main (repository) than fits on the CD-
but all dependencies of -desktop will need to be on the CD. Java was
squeezed in at the last moment on 6.06 - presumably some other stuff
was unceremoniously dumped at the same time.

I believe the recommended language for Ubuntu (whatever that means, let
me guess that there is the least resistance to adding packages) is
python. I think I saw that somewhere on the wiki.

The question is if 10 Megs of Mono are worth more than what was dumped
for Java - or rather the /next/ 10 Megs in the firing line.

Once a good interpreter makes it onto the CD, (like python) then the
incremental cost of adding good packages is lower, because the packages
are usually smaller, so more packages can fit in 10 Megs.

Tomsrtbt has the kernel, busybox, and e2fs as the three main consumers
of space. If you want to add something, it had better be
busybox-compatible. Tom fits a bootable OS onto a floppy, with manpages.

Cheers,  Andy!

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