Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Øivind Hoel oivind.hoel at
Mon Jul 31 12:53:06 BST 2006

On 7/31/06, Jan Moren <jan.moren at> wrote:
> mån 2006-07-31 klockan 09:47 +0200 skrev Sebastien Bacher:
> > eog is the official GNOME image viewer, I'm not sure we need to ship
> > gthumb too for that function
> Because, as I wrote, eog is no good at all for looking through a whole
> directory of images. It's fine of you want to look at one or a few, but
> when you regularily get 2-300 images at a time when you empty your
> camera and you need to sift through them for the one's worth keping,
> it's just not good for that.

I'm not sure I really want to help this discussion grow out of
proportion like the Zeroconf thread (and I'd like to point you all to
the gnome desktop-devel list where the same discussion has been
spreading like a virus with no cure), but I want to clear up a common
misunderstanding about EOG. I've also been an avid user of gthumb,
since that was the only decent thing to import photos from cameras
back in the days. I also found it a very good piece of programming to
use for viewing single folders, but I've now started using EOG for
simple folder viewing tasks instead.

You see, in EOG you can click the View menu, then check Image
collection. Voila - instant gThumb. You have all the images of the
folder displayed below the current image, and you of course have your
prev/next, rotate functions. You can even do slideshows.

So, EOG has practically replaced gThumb for general purpose image
viewing, while f-spot is going to be there for users who need a little
bit more organisational skills out of their application.

With gThumb upstream practically dead and EOG getting all its useful
features, keeping it in ubuntu-desktop makes no sense at all. It's
time for us old dinosaurs to move along and embrace the future.

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