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Mon Jul 31 10:00:32 BST 2006

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* Jan Moren:
> mån 2006-07-31 klockan 09:47 +0200 skrev Sebastien Bacher:
>> Le lundi 31 juillet 2006 à 11:17 +0900, Jan Moren a écrit :
>>> f-spot is an image management application. gthumb is an image viewer.
>>> f-spot is very bad at just quickly looking over a directory of images
>>> (you need to import images to be able to do anythng), and gthumb is no
>>> good for organizing image collections. They are separate apps, and both
>>> are needed.
>> eog is the official GNOME image viewer, I'm not sure we need to ship
>> gthumb too for that function
> Because, as I wrote, eog is no good at all for looking through a whole
> directory of images. It's fine of you want to look at one or a few, but
> when you regularily get 2-300 images at a time when you empty your
> camera and you need to sift through them for the one's worth keping,
> it's just not good for that.

I'll add my use-case to this - I organise my photos by directory too,
and gthumb is the only program out of the three (EOG, Gthumb and f-spot)
that suits me for this. I think this is likely to be a quite common
situation, and if so there might be an argument for waiting for f-spot
to deal properly with this use case before including it by default.

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