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Augusto Jun Devegili augusto at
Mon Jul 31 09:58:16 BST 2006

Jean-Philippe wrote:
> Are there so many users wo need an additionnal application to manage
> their pictures collections ?
> If I could suggest something, why don't you just drop gthumb, keep eog
> installed by default and put fspot on the cdrom and on the
> gnome-app-install list ?

Just a few remarks:

I've never tried F-Spot. I seldom use Eye of Gnome because I'm usually 
browsing a folder of images, and gThumb lets me:

* have a folder view, a single image view and a slide-show view;
* import pictures from a digital camera;
* quickly resize, desaturate, and adjust colour-levels/hue-saturation.

I would say that when I need to import images from a digital camera, 
quickly delete those I'm not interested, and quickly post-process some 
of the images, gThumb is my work tool.


Augusto Jun Devegili

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