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Mon Jul 31 03:17:17 BST 2006

sön 2006-07-30 klockan 19:08 -0700 skrev Dan Kegel:
> On 7/30/06, Ivan Krstic <krstic at> wrote:
> > Dan Kegel wrote:
> > > has a few posts that say Picasa scales better than f-spot with
> > > much larger numbers (e.g. a gigabyte) of images.
> >
> > krstic at aeryn:~/Digital photography> find -type f | wc -l
> > 8021
> > krstic at aeryn:~/Digital photography> du -sh
> > 9.1G    .
> >
> > F-spot handles this without a hitch.
> Good to know.  BTW my first impressions of f-spot are quite positive,
> that it's not really bloated relative to its capabilities, and
> that it's quite different than gthumb;
> maybe there's room for both f-spot and something simpler.

I'm a bit confused about this discussion; f-spot and gthumb do entirely
different things, and aren't comparable at all.

f-spot is an image management application. gthumb is an image viewer.
f-spot is very bad at just quickly looking over a directory of images
(you need to import images to be able to do anythng), and gthumb is no
good for organizing image collections. They are separate apps, and both
are needed.

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