Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Mon Jul 31 00:38:02 BST 2006

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> We will ship what we feel to be the optimal tradeoff between resources and
> functionality.  Note that Tomboy and Mono consume nothing but disk space
> unless you actually run the application, so you don't need to worry about it
> on low-memory machines. gets pretty unhappy on such systems
> as well.

I know but you missed my point. Why should an efficient app (Gthumb) be 
replaced with one thats considerably more inefficient by default?

A user who wants to organise his/her photos is going to find the default 
too much of a hog on lessor machines and wont probably see the 
alternative which is more suitable.

The disk space is also an issue on my notebook and I would like to have 
some more options rather than being forced to install something I will 
never use.

All in all you are likely to lose users if this trend continues. The 
optimal solution is to have the defaul work well on as many machines as 
possible and let more greedy apps be optional. These include evolution 
(thunderbird is lighter) , OOO (abiword is lighter) and a few others.

Perhaps make Ubuntu-Desktop only depend on core apps and not more exotic 
stuff like photo management.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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