ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 23, Issue 71

Alessandro Flacco alessandro.flacco at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jul 28 18:59:34 BST 2006

Hi to everybody,
i'm italian I don't speak english very well so I ask you sorry in advance :)
I'd like to become ubuntu developer and i began to make some experiments 
to personalize as more as possible my ubuntu desktop 6.
Now i have my very big (for me ) problem.
I want to change the splash image of live cd of ubuntu.
I made a lot before disturbing you i found the right road i belive but 
something misses.
I tried to change the initrd image by changing the usplash-artwork.so file.
But whe i simulate the boot with qemu it says me kernel panic.
I think the problem is the building of initrd modified.
Do you have any suggest ,any procedure to follow to reach mu porpose?
Thank very mach

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