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Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Thu Jul 27 12:38:42 BST 2006

On do, 2006-07-27 at 04:28 -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:

> uh-oh.  My horror level is back to full-on.
> - Dan

Why? mDNS is not installed by default yet and this merely facilitates
people who explicitely install it.

> p.s. Yes, I should have left ssh out of the list of apps that trust
> hostnames.  (It's a  rule in technical flamefests that if you have
> any false statement in a post, readers will discount the rest of the
> post. C'est la vie.)

No. I've seen 'Hmm host key identificatin changed, let's rm
~/.ssh/known_hosts' so often, that ssh is perfectly valid in your list.

> Also, cups autodiscovery seems to be off in ubuntu:
> perhaps that was for security reasons? 


All flaming/nonsense in this thread aside, I think it's good that the
security implications of mDNS are discussed.
Dennis K.

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