order of /dev/video* detection ?

constantin cycsse at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 08:01:43 BST 2006

hello ubuntu-devel.

sorry for my bad english.

I'm under dapper (final).
I've a tv tuner card (pci) and an usb webcam.
At each boot, when webcam is connected, I can't know if this is the 
tuner or the webcam who has the /dev/video0 or /dev/video1.
"dmesg" indicates pci and usb are recognized at the same time.
So when I start apps like tvtime,ekiga,camorama, I have error like "bad 
device" because tv apps don't play with webcam, and ekiga don't play 
with a tv tuner.

How to resolve the problem without disconnect webcam at each boot?

What system should do this?
- linux has to give the good order.
- I thought udev was able to resolve the problem. apparently not 
designed to do this.
- apps have to select the good hardware when they start. (is /dev/video0 
  a tv tuner card? or /dev/video1? or /dev/video2...).

At this, I can't answer, so I ask you for help.

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