BitTorrent package conflicts

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Tue Jul 25 12:47:57 BST 2006

Steven Hazel wrote:
>> The issue with a newer Bittorent is the new bittorrent license. Please
>> see these debian-legal discussions:
> Okay.  At first blush, it looks like these license problems are
> fairly superficial -- I'll bring it up around here and see whether we can
> get them resolved. 

That would be really great. If that happens, we can fix the package
directly in place when some transition or other changes to dependencies

> So, that's the problem getting BitTorrent 4 into
> Debian/Ubuntu apt -- separate from that, I'd like to make it possible for
> Ubuntu users who download our .deb to install it without uninstalling
> ubuntu-desktop.  Any idea who I should talk to about that?

I didn't really get the problem, if your package installs files, which
are are provided by other packages, you have to add a 'Conflicts:'. If
you want to provide 'upgrade' packages for ubuntu users, just keep the
package name 'bittorrent', so the ubuntu package gets upgraded. Note
that this is likely to break the system of your users when they upgrade
to the next ubuntu release.

Can you perhaps be more verbose on what you are actually trying and what
actually breaks?

Nevertheless, I hope you see that "fixing"/freeing the licence and
integrating bittorrent properly in the distribution causes least trouble
for all partys.


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