Applying the double-click timeout preference correctly

Adam B cruxic at
Mon Jul 24 01:40:53 BST 2006

I was going to submit this as a bug report but it might be closer to a "feature
and policy" issue so I'll try here first:

Today I reached my frustration limit while using Netbeans (a Java Swing
IDE).  It was very difficult to select anything in my project tree because
the double click rate was way to fast for me (and most users I can
imagine).  Changing the Double-click timeout in Ubuntu's mouse preferences
dialog did nothing to fix the issue.  From what I can tell this dialog only
effects Gnome applications because the setting is written to

After some research I found the solution: create .Xresources in my home
directory with the line
*multiClickTime: 400.  After a log out things worked correctly.

Is there any compelling reason why the double-click timeout setting cannot
be applied to X as well?

- Adam
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