Funky Usplash Test Pattern

Constantine Evans constantine at
Sun Jul 23 06:41:04 BST 2006

I apologise for possibly being rather off-topic, but I will note that 
apart from being useful, I believe the current test screen looks very in 
place for Edgy in its current state. It serves to illustrate, as soon as 
the computer is booted, that it isn't finished, that end-users are not 
currently the primary concern, and that if a user is running it, they 
should be competent and prepared to deal with problems. If a 
non-technical user is thinking about installing Edgy on a machine that 
is important to them (especially since installing the development 
version is often suggested on ubuntuforums), and is trying it out, it 
immediately tells them that they should seriously reconsider.

Personally, I like it so much I'm thinking about keeping it as my 
usplash theme even after Edgy is released.


Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 18:52 -0400, Viper550 wrote:
>> I kinda thought that the current test pattern theme for Usplash as seen 
>> on Edgy Knot 1 looked a bit out of place, so I basically reused one of 
>> my Dapper designs to make a new temporary splash, WITH the testing 
>> arrows still in place!
> The test screen isn't intended to look "in place", but to actually test
> various behaviours of monitors and video cards.  Each of the elements
> has an actual purpose, and even the palette is chosen deliberately
> Scottt

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