New ZeroConf Spec

didier . did447 at
Mon Jul 17 23:02:31 BST 2006


> Any result can sneak in. There is no security involved. Anybody on the
> local broadcast subnet can introduce fake or invalid results into
> *.local.

> The question is simply "is this a problem"?

I don't know but a short story.

One of my Internet connections is on an unreliable cable network.

A tcpdump returns roughly 60 computers directly [1] connected via the
cable modem, 50/50% Windows, Macs, as far I can tell from what they

Last week-end the network was down, in the couple of minutes I looked
at it I've seen a lot of <very interesting name>.com.local broadcasted
DNS requests...

1 IMO it's the point here, if you have only one computer zeroconf
should be down.

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