BitTorrent package conflicts

Steven Hazel sah at
Sun Jul 16 23:26:21 BST 2006


I'm the package maintainer for the BitTorrent .debs available at

My package has an unfortunate conflict: ubuntu-desktop depends on
gnome-btdownload, which in turn requires the old 3.4.2 version of bittorrent
which is currently in Ubuntu apt.  gnome-btdownload uses the python
site-packages/BitTorrent files installed by the old bittorrent package as a
library, and won't work with the substantially changed version in my new

So there are two issues here:

1) Because of the way these package dependencies are set up, users wishing
to install the new version of bittorrent would have to remove ubuntu-desktop
(or dpkg --force conflicts, like I did).

2) gnome-btdownload and the new bittorrent package actually do conflict,
they can't co-exist on the same system.

I'm trying to work out the best way to resolve this situation.  What do you
folks think?

Also, I'd like to make the newer version of BitTorrent available in Ubuntu's
apt system somewhere.  Where would I start?


Steven Hazel
work: sah at
other: sah at
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