Dapper snapshot ISO and complete repository collection for download (was: So, we're up to 180MB in updates.)

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Fri Jul 14 19:28:05 BST 2006


I'm sorry for cross-posting. But I thought this might be
interesting for users as well as developers. If there is a better
place to post this feature request to, do not hesitate in setting
a correct follow-up.

Christofer C. Bell wrote on 14 Jul 2006 14:21:22 MET:

> On 7/14/06, Chanchao <custom at freenet.de> wrote:
>> Turns out though that, starting from a new CD, we're up to
>> 180MB of updates right after installation.

I also second the idea of having up-to-date CD and DVD ISOs
available for download. This is very useful for installing Ubuntu
on an offline computer which will be online at some point, but
with a low bandwidth connection (ie dial-up).

It would also be useful to have current DVD-ISO snapshots of the
complete repository (universe, multiverse, restricted, etc)
available for download.

For later I have only found this:


These are obviously not up-to-date since they are distributed as

But at least I can install more software than just using the
DVD-ISO provided by the Ubuntu website.

On a side note: I couldn't find anything on the Ubuntu homepage
about ordering Ubuntu-DVD-repository-collections. Is this
possible (even if they are not up-to-date)? I will be needing to
install Ubuntu with many different programs from
multiverse/universe on a new machine while only having occasional
internet-cafe access the web.


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