Stack smash protection: Automated (de)bugging?

Micah J. Cowan micah at
Tue Jul 11 21:14:23 BST 2006

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 11:57:09PM -0400, John Richard Moser wrote:
> The interesting things I WANT the modified handler and code generator
> for are:
>  * Automatically log stack smashing.  This can be done now, as far as
>    "stack smash in /usr/bin/xmms"; but I want "stack smash in
>    /usr/bin/xmms foo.c:bar() (Damage: 0xdeadbeef)"
>  * Alert the user at first stack smash, asking if he would like a stack
>    smash detecting daemon to automatically send stack smash logs to
>    Ubuntu.  This would pass enough information to Ubuntu (and then to
>    upstream) to quickly find and fix highly obscure problems.


> I may be really reaching here, but I think I may not be the only one who
> would like this.  Does anyone else have any thoughts?  Good, bad,
> flames, praise, support, comments on the gcc bugzilla, whatever.

It sounds like a terrific idea to me... I wish GCC had done this from
the start, especially since ProPolice apparently had some of this in
place already.

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