Scott White scott.w.white at
Tue Jul 11 16:45:25 BST 2006

Nice demos, first let me say to those who are involved in the GLSCube
project, great job.  Aside from the well thought out points made already
about Windows, there are many reasons to consider integrating this into
Ubuntu as at least an optional component.

>From a programmers perspective, hierarchical data makes more logical sense,
as much sense as relational data does.  However from a user perspective we
don't prefer to use data that is hierarchical.  Proof of this are Wikis,
which work mostly off of keywords & tags.  How many people would prefer to
dig through a tree hierarchy only to find that it is not there.  This
technology seems to give you the best of both worlds, while you can create
directory structures and find data hierarchically, you can also easily
search based on metadata too.

There's too much information on the world-wide web to store it in buckets,
likewise with computers as their storage increases over time.
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