GLSCube - the semantic filesystem

Saad Shakhshir shakhshir at
Mon Jul 10 18:29:53 BST 2006

I've been following the development of GLSCube for a while now.  From the
site: "GLSCube is an open source semantic storage solution for GNU/Linux
that indexes your data, extracts from it metadata and relevant information,
allows you to organize it using queries and tags, an API to allow Developers
to integrate searching and organization capabilities in their application,
an extensible plugin-based Type System, shared schemas between applications
through an API, a pseudo file system for backward compatibility, a web
interface, As-You-Type searching and more.  It is a solution that distances
you from thinking about Where you store your data to What your data is."

There are video demos on the site so check them out.  It looks fairly
impressive and it's definitely something that users need as people are
accumulating more and more data.  WinFS - the new filesystem for Windows
Vista - is supposed to have something similar.  Clearly usability and
intuitiveness are a top priority in any such undertaking.

This is just an FYI for Ubuntu developers that may be interested in getting
involved in the project and perhaps bringing it to Ubuntu for Edgy+1.  It
would be a very valuable addition if you ask me.

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