UDP open ports [was: ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 23, Issue 16]

Ian Jackson ian at davenant.greenend.org.uk
Mon Jul 10 16:30:25 BST 2006

Scott James Remnant writes ("Re: UDP open ports [was: ubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 23, Issue 16]"):
> But I do not believe [nameservers] must allow TCP/53 for responses
> that are SMALLER than a single UDP packet.

RFC1123 `Requirements for Internet Hosts - Application and Support'
aka STD-3:
  Transport Protocols

            DNS resolvers and recursive servers MUST support UDP, and
            SHOULD support TCP, for sending (non-zone-transfer) queries.
            Specifically, a DNS resolver or server that is sending a
            non-zone-transfer query MUST send a UDP query first.  If the
            Answer section of the response is truncated and if the
            requester supports TCP, it SHOULD try the query again using

            DNS servers MUST be able to service UDP queries and SHOULD
            be able to service TCP queries.  A name server MAY limit the
            resources it devotes to TCP queries, but it SHOULD NOT
            refuse to service a TCP query just because it would have
            succeeded with UDP.


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