New ZeroConf Spec

Sebastien ESTIENNE sebastien.estienne at
Sat Jul 8 21:32:57 BST 2006

Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Jul 2006, Dan Kegel wrote:
>>Can we avoid starting avahi until it's first needed, at least?
> This is my recollection of the conclusion from the BoF in Paris.
> I think the specification should stick with the reasoning drawn by the end
> of the meeting, since those were deemed to be acceptable and the changes
> made since are unlikely to be accepted.
> IIRC, the result from the BoF was something along the lines of:  (1) that
> the network dialogue would would be extended to allow a tickbox enabling
> Zeroconf on particular interfaces.
> (2) when a zero-conf aware application start up and avahi is not running,
> then the user would be presented with a pop up question:
>   Discover other computers.
>   Would you like automatic discovery of other computers
>   sharing $foo service?
>   [x] Always enable this.
>                                  [  Yes  ]   [ Cancel ]
> 	-Paul

i think that there is a little issue with this behaviour:
avahi is not only usefull for publishing services, but also for name 
resolution: $hostname.local
for example i use it for ssh hostname.local

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