Migration Assistant

Scott White scott.w.white at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 03:36:40 BST 2006

First let me say I think this is a brilliant idea.  Regardless of the system
the user is migrating from, to have an application navigate you through this
process, at least partially, would be amazing.

There are many technical challenges in order to accomplish this, but putting
those aside, I would think the first step would be to create a User Story or
Use Case for how this ought to work.  Afterwards the technical
implementations can become fleshed out.

One use case I could think of would be like this:

User inserts disc into PC, and shortly thereafter a Welcome screen comes up
introducing the user to Ubuntu and explaining the process it will be going

The user is notified that the system will reboot shortly in order to
continue the installation.  Upon reboot the system navigates the user
through a process of partitioning the users hard drive (though the verbage
for this can be simplified).

After the installation resizes the users primary partition (whether that be
Windows or Mac) the installation the partitions the desired space remaining
and proceeds to install a bootloader then Ubuntu itself.

There could also be a use case for users that desire to "completely replace
windows".  The other use case can be called: "Install alongside Windows".
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