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Jordi Massaguer i Pla jjordicat at yahoo.es
Thu Jul 6 10:18:29 BST 2006

> Well, the MigrationAssistance page says nothing
> about instlux, and it is
> specifically talking about the LiveCD installer
> (ubiquity), not d-i.
> (And I didn't know about instlux).  

debian installer was mentioned in previous emails..
Anyway, if you are facing only the installation from a
LiveCD, instlux may not be usefull.

> I'd also find it much more user friendly not to have
> to boot into
> windows to run instlux first, but to have everything
> taken care of in
> ubiquity. It seems like a step easily forgotten by
> novice users.
> (However booting into Win might be required anyway,
> to defragment the
> partition before resizing it)

Sometimes you can not boot with the CD. It happens
quite often.
Moreover, starting the installation from windows is
more user-friendly, as it is the same way a windows
user will install any other program, so it is used to
it. It is a matter of usability.


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