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Patrick McFarland diablod3 at
Wed Jul 5 05:56:09 BST 2006

On Wednesday 05 July 2006 00:28, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> On Jul 5, 2006, at 7:28 AM, Lukas Sabota wrote:
> > ...
> > Perhaps a preference could be added to Gaim, Rhythmbox, and other
> > ZeroConf applications that would start the ZeroConf services and
> > notify the user that a port is being opened.   When all ZeroConf
> > applications are closed, the ZeroConf daemon could be stopped, closing
> > the port. 	What do others feel about the above plan of action?  Please
> > respond with criticism.
> > ...
> Somewhere in the region of 99.9% of people wouldn't have a clue what
> you mean by "a port is being opened", or why that might be dangerous.
> So while you might have app-specific preferences for it, I don't think
> it would be reasonable to expect those to transfer the security
> responsibility to the user.

I agree with this assessment, however, the daemon automatically turning on and 
off depending on if a zeroconf application is running or not is a good idea 
_but_ that has to be configurable. Anyone that does zeroconf application 
development would want the daemon to be running at all times.

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