ZeroConf in Ubuntu Edgy

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> On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 18:38 -0500, Scott Dier wrote:
>>   Nomadic machines do not currently have a great way of saying what
>> networks are 'trusted' and which ones are not.
> Why is it that the networks are the ones to be trusted? Why not hosts?
> Would it be possible to have the computer hand out "tokens", or some
> kind of key, to hosts the user decides to trust?
> Maybe not the best solution for working in a heterogeneous network, but
> it could be implemented for ubuntu to ubuntu networking for the time
> being.
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> John
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I tend to think that if you install a service that opens port on your system 
you should have control over who can connect to it. You should be able to 
set a default behaviour and have pop-up confirmation request when a 
behaviour is out of scope (or have an option to deny all to avoid pop-up if 
you want to have an assle free ride).

Additionally, I think that if Ubuntu is to be "open" and secure at the same 
time we should have some form of Intrusion Detection and port-scan 
protection to shut off any mis-behaving host.


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