Update Manager/non-admin mode

Scott Dier dieman at ringworld.org
Tue Jul 4 00:46:21 BST 2006

I've written up a spec last month that didn't quite make it in time for 
uds paris (and I didn't feel comfortable interrupting people on Friday 
for it) but I would love if anyone wanted to chime in $.02 on the spec.


The gist is that Update Notifier in its current form does not provide 
much information to non-admin users.  This is an issue in managed 
environments where users will not have admin access.  Providing 
information like 'you should restart firefox now' or 'a reboot is 
required at this time' are valuable messages to be providing through 
Gnome rather than system-wide emails, etc.  Future iterations that have 
a cron to warn admins of non-compliance for reboots would also be useful 
but I feel implementing the interface is the primary goal at this point.

If you are involved with LTSP/edbuntu I'm interested in how to detect a 
particular user is on an terminal instance so they do not get notices 
about reboots, too.

If you want, I'm also on IRC -devel as 'dieman', you can try and catch 
me sometime in the next couple days if you have any questions. I'm on 
CST, but I do a lot of work 'in-person' and may not be able to check 
that often.  Otherwise, please do comment on the Wiki.


Scott Dier <dieman at ringworld.org>

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