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Ivan Krstic krstic at
Mon Jul 3 22:18:08 BST 2006

Patrick McFarland wrote:
> Honestly, if I had some sort of large pull in the Ubuntu project, I would have 
> tried to delay a Ubuntu release indefinitely until such a tool appears. 

That wouldn't make any sense.

> This 
> is a major failing of desktop distros as a whole, and is a usability problem.

No, and no, respectively. The usability problem is that users have to
deal with firewalls at all. We address it by short-circuiting the issue:
because we don't ship open ports, our users don't have to worry much
about firewalling.

There are obviously cases where this reasoning doesn't apply, and
addressing those is something we want to do -- obviously, as the
firewall management has been bountied -- but you need to calm down, and
recognize you're not talking about the base case.

> Its hard to tout Linux as secure if you can't easily manage your firewall.

See above.

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