ZeroConf in Ubuntu Edgy

Krishna Sankar ksankar at
Mon Jul 3 05:02:05 BST 2006

> Zeroconf is simply too scary to enable by default, but I can 
If so, how is apple mitigating the risk ? If it is OK for Apple, why not for Ubuntu ? 

Also, in case of home users, no admin exists and no workstation rollouts. 

We can always give a warning, and allow ZeroConf to be opened. But that does not solve any problem - just shifting the responsibilities. What would a poor home user know or can do about firewalls and ports that we cannot do ? 

IMHO, we should find a way to enable ZeroConf, make proper assumptions and add the right amount of safety, which I think is what Apple does. I still haven't gotten a well rounded answer as to Apple's setup in this regard, so don't know if it is true.

We can still get the user's permission to open it, but not as a way of shifting the burden. We should do this only IF we are comfortable enabling ZeroConf. An anemic "we are not OK with it, but if you want we will open it for you" is not a solution.

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> Zeroconf is simply too scary to enable by default, but I can 
> imagine that an admin who was into it could easily enable it 
> when rolling out workstations...

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