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Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Jul 2 22:06:42 BST 2006

Op zo, 02-07-2006 te 15:39 -0400, schreef John Richard Moser:
> > To quote Reiser4 : Reiser4 is an atomic filesystem, which means that
> > your filesystem operations either entirely occur, or they entirely
> > don't, and they don't corrupt due to half occuring. We do this without
> > significant performance losses, because we invented algorithms to do it
> > without copying the data twice.
> "without copying data twice" => Data is written where it belongs on disk
> once.  Data journaling writes data to the journal, then to the
> allocation unit. 

Actually, with Reiser4 the journal and the data share the same space on
disk, which means they write data to the disk in sectors that are
allocated by the journal, and when the writing is done those sectors are
reassigned to the "real" filesystem; that way they prevent having to
write it twice while still having it in the journal before the writing
to disk is completed.

Jan Claeys

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