Database Filesystem? (Was Tracker in Edgy?)

Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Sun Jul 2 20:33:09 BST 2006

Perhaps this discussion should move to sounder. It doesn't have much to
do with Ubuntu development.

I'll throw my two cents in. The filesystem isn't really hierarchical for
the users as much as for the system itself. It would be hard to find
another paradigm for a storage mechanism that fit a
module/package/application based operating system like most Unixes and
Windows. Programs need to store data. That data needs to be on the disk.
The disk is the file system. I would hate for /bin to be some weird
query into a metadata based system. It doesn't need to be.

For users on the other hand, sure, directories and hierarchy don't
really help much. For the system, they are essential.

So, it seems then that the best of both worlds can be had with the
current system: The core of the system is hierarchical, and layered on
top of it, for the user, comes an indexing engine. Like Beagle. Proper
file system events, well coded indexing engines, and it's not a big

Do we have any of those? Not yet. =)

On Sun, 2006-07-02 at 19:34 +0200, Pavel Rojtberg wrote:
> Jamie McCracken wrote:
> > Ulrik Mikaelsson wrote:
> >> Regarding DB-corruption I think I must agree with John a bit. I too
> >> find the risk of having a sudden loss of power during a
> >> file-relocation FS truncating my database in half, probably completely
> >> erasing all my Music Collection, Photos and everything I consider
> >> valuable in my computer, gone in the blink of an eye.
> > 
> > Agian this is a total non-issue with Ext3.
> perhaps it is not necessary from the safety point of view, but I find 
> such an option would be nevertheless useful, since it would remove an 
> unnecessary layer and would simplify things.
> Right now you would have all your binary data in the filesystem and all 
> textual data in the database.
> I think it would require quite some work to develop an API to access 
> both consistently.
> But I dont really have a clue what I am talking about either...
> Pavel

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