Database Filesystem? (Was Tracker in Edgy?)

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Sun Jul 2 11:02:48 BST 2006

Martin Otten wrote:
> In my opinion folders are a bad way to organise files. We copied it from
> the real world, but i think they hardly help users to find documents.
> So companies started to create document-management-systems to organise
> their documents. So that it is possible to enrich them with metadata,
> which allow to find documents related to each other. For example by
> persons, divisions and projects.
> Therefore in my opinion the solution to the problem are search engines
> like Beagle. The only thing missing is a standard to store Document
> related metadata. This would allow people to share them it between each
> other and their operating systems.

There is a freedesktop spec for metadata that Tracker uses:

Whilst Tracker can pretty much behave like Beagle or any other external 
indexer, its the ability to store objects which gives it extra 
efficiency and power over Beagle. Storing objects avoids the pitfalls of 
keeping multiple datasources in synch, increases performance and 
efficiency, simplifies the code (so less bugs and better stability) and 
of course gives you the benefits of first calss objects, extensible 
metadata and tags on top.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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