LTSP install woes

Joseph Toman toman at
Thu Jan 19 19:21:10 GMT 2006


I'm building a thin client system for the local library and am using 
Ubuntu 5.10 for the server and the Ubuntu package ltsp-server. Following 
the ThinClientHowTo on the Ubuntu Wiki (which seems to have some errors, 
like the root-path  DHCPD option doesn't specify the server, which NFS 
doesn't seem to like),  I get to the moment  of truth, rebooting
the client,  and I get a kernel panic. Specifically, PXE does it's 
thing, the system starts  to boot,  the root  file system gets mounted,  
and then I get "pivot_root: pivot_root no such file or directory", a 
complaint about devfs and not
finding /sbin/init, and then it hangs. Okay, somewhat ambiguous, but any 
thoughts? I've checked and rechecked all the .conf files, export, made 
sure the proper servers were running, etc. . I did originally start this 
project with a standard LTSP 4.1, which I've done before, but decided 
that if I was using Ubuntu as the server I should probably do it the 
Ubuntu way. I believe I backed out of that well before the ltsp-server 
install,  but there could be files that I missed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                                J. Toman

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