Dapper LiveCD: use custom kernel

Christophe Augier christophe.augier at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 12:00:24 GMT 2006

> | Also I heard that the livecd infrastructure changes in
> | dapper such as it should be easier to customize the kernel. I wanted
> | to know if things were progressing or finished, and if you could give
> | me a few hints on how to do it myself.
> What are the reasons the stock kernel is not usable for you?  It's
> certainly possible to replace the kernel, but it does require a bit of
> fiddling, in addition to rebuilding the live image itself.

We have a modified version of the kernel to add and change processes
schedulers dynamically (http://www.emn.fr/x-info/bossa). The LiveCD is
for cs courses and demo.

I already found some hints for my problem (thx Kamion on irc):

- install your customised kernel and the casper package on your
development                system
- update-initramfs -u
- dump the kernel and initrd from /boot/ into       
/casper/filesystem.{vmlinuz,initrd.gz} on the CD

I didn't test yet, but it seems like the udebs are generated automagically.

- Christophe

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