How come there is two init scripts to deal with the hardware clock at boot up?

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Mon Jan 30 09:16:52 GMT 2006

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also sprach Tobias Hunger <tobias at> [2006.01.30.0947 +0100]:
> S18 is not that early in the boot process.

It is early enough.

> Finally your argument does not hold, since does
> *not* mount /usr. This only happens in S35mountall. Is hwclock run
> way too early?

It appears to be. In Debian sarge, hwclock is started at S50, while
hwclockfirst is also started at S18. In Debian sid, it appears to be
at S18/S22 now too. See #342887.

Anyway, the changelog only mentions

    * Really move back to S18 where it belongs.
      Put at S22.  See #50572.

Typical example of a bad changelog entry, IMHO.

Sorry for not checking this earlier. I was on a plane when answering
the post and had not 'Net access.

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