Firefox, printing inconstency

Pascal Potvin pascal.potvin at
Fri Jan 27 00:15:55 GMT 2006

Hello guys,

I administrate a network of computers in my student union, and I just
saw a problem that is, IMO, important. firefox printing system is kind
of ... special. It just isn't the same as every other apps in ubuntu.
Just by doing "Ctrl + P --> properties...", I am sure you will figure
out what I mean (there's a command line entry, w/ a lot of text that
most user won't be able to understand).

For the time being, I suggest to my pals to print to a file, so that a
ps file is created, and with evince, print just as they want. I think
this way of doing things is annoying.

I don't know what you think of that, but I would really recommend that
some changes be made in the printing dialog of firefox. It is,
however, only my opinion. I would like to know first what you think
about that.


Pascal Potvin

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