Server problem with

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Jan 25 20:38:35 GMT 2006


On Wednesday 25 January 2006 21:25, Tim Frost wrote:
> ;           IN      A
>    1800    IN      CNAME
>     591     IN      A
>     591     IN      A

Well, it doesn't matter, when the hostname is not served by a webserver.
Today we are talking http/1.1 which determines the vhost via Host: header :)

If the apaches are not configured as hostname based virtualhosts, and if the 
only hostname is, then is not working.

But if they are ip based, it can be served, but this would be a step back.

But actually Elmo or Znarl can give us a better understanding of their DC 
server setup :)

Time to sleep,


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