Dapper LiveCD: use custom kernel

Christophe Augier christophe.augier at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 12:49:37 GMT 2006


first i'd like to thank you all for the job you did and are doing on ubuntu.

I've been using livecd for teaching classes for a few years now. I
need to make a few changes to these livecd to update the kernel
version and i decided to migrate to ubuntu livecd. I succedeed in
customizing the breezy livecd, but the process is a bit too
complicated (generating the kernel, then the udebs, changing the
md5sum, ...) Also I heard that the livecd infrastructure changes in
dapper such as it should be easier to customize the kernel. I wanted
to know if things were progressing or finished, and if you could give
me a few hints on how to do it myself.

thank you for your help.

- Christophe

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