more "-dbg" debugging packages

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sun Jan 22 18:56:35 GMT 2006

Le dimanche 22 janvier 2006 à 19:18 +0100, Christian Neumair a écrit :
> I'd appreciate if Ubuntu included more debugging packages. The core
> GNOME desktop does have quite a notable amount of debugging packages.
> libpoppler-dbg and libdbus-dbg are relevant for me, but I'm sure that
> there are many more libraries where debugging packages are very useful
> but not distributed as of writing, requiring the user who is willing to
> provide backtraces to compile the packages him/herself.
> This mail is meant to ask you for a list of other packages where you
> need extra debugging packages, but also to encourage packagers to
> distribute "-dbg" packages for those packages where nontrivial
> hardly-tracable crashers are known to occur frequently, and to start a
> general discussion on "-dbg" package policy.

Hi Christian,

Debug packages for the whole archive would be really appreciated by many
people and would make distribution and upstream job easier (I've built
debug versions for most of GNOME on my people page for hoary by example
to have something to point to people to get debug backtraces when they
have a crasher). That topic has been already discussed several time and
spec-ed, you can read about it on the Ubuntu wiki: ("Debug symbol

The specification has been approved but is considered low priority at
the moment. Maybe with some people contributing that could be done for
dapper though. Martin you probably know the topic better, any opinion on


Sebastien Bacher

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