Aeroplane option in grub

Bart Vullings (OpsVentus) ubuntu at
Sun Jan 22 16:38:26 GMT 2006

Yes there are laptop's with hardware switches but there are also laptop 
which don't have this. For those I think it's nice to have this option.
In the IRC channel where I discused this paople told me, as long as you 
don't load the driver the hardware dosn't send radio-signals.

Now my sugestion is: Someone needs to call/mail hardware producers if 
there hardware won't send out radiosignals if there not asked something.
Someone else try to make a boot which disables the drivers.

I can call/mail the producers, but as far as the boot option go's, I'm 
not formilliar with that part of Linux. So if someone wants to help me 
with that. Then I'll open a wiki to get started with this.

Bart Vullings.

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