bash completion disabled in default bash installation

Sam Tygier samtygier at
Fri Jan 20 14:12:15 GMT 2006

Stephen Shirley wrote:
> The last time i tried bash programmable completion on my p3-800 server i 
> disabled it again pretty quickly as it was very very slow. Iirc it could 
> take 2-3 seconds per tab-press.

perfectly useable for me on a 600mhz via epia over an ethernet ssh conection.

very handy when using 'apt-get install' to complete package names.

does it slow down if it has a large rule set? not sure how it works. i assume  new rules get added or generated when you add new software? or does it need to cache a load of stuff before it becomes fast?

i'd vote for enable by default if performance problems are not widespread.


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