Improving sudo hint in shells [was: Re: gnome terminal]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jan 20 08:49:07 GMT 2006

Hi Dmitriy!

Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy [2006-01-19 13:35 -0500]:
> Unfortunately, explaining things like sudo involves explaining a lot of
> concepts unknown by a regular user. 

Agreed, but if a user wants to use a terminal, then he is already an
advanced one, I guess.

> As it is, the phrase "To execute a command as root, run "sudo
> <command>" and enter your password" is a piece of complete nonsense.
> Do not forget that to a normal person, execute means "to kill
> publicly" and root means "part of a plant".

True, I'm open to improve the wording and would appreciate a short
discussion and consensus about it. What about

  To run a command with administrator privileges (as user "root"), use
  "sudo <command>". Please see "man ubuntu_sudo" for details.

(That manpage is still to be written, of course). I think that
pointing to a wiki page is a bit bad since it is inconvenient for
computers without a permanent internet link. Alternatively it could be
a local web page in ubuntu-docs.



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