network magic blocked

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri Jan 20 05:11:29 GMT 2006

> > I can't test it because I only have Atheros chips ... it's in universe
> > *now* for people who want to test it, and it seems to largely work for
> > them, but needs changes made to not break other things.
> I've installed network-manager from universe, but I don't get a new icon on
> my panel.  If that doesn't happen, then we're severely limiting the testing
> we can get.

vague recollection here of having to manually start the applet after
installing network-manager a few weeks ago.  Now that I think about
it, yes it wasn't very user friendly, especially since there was no
menu item anywhere to find it, so I ended up doing it from the command

> > It's a bit pointless for me to do any work on n-m if I can't test whether
> > it works or not <g>
> It's been stalled for ages, and it's now nearly too late to put into Dapper
> at all.  Canonical owns laptops with non-Atheros wireless chipsets; how
> about borrowing one?

I have been using network-manager on my Dell laptop (ipw2200)  since I
got a wireless router at Christmas, and I have been a very happy
customer ever since.  A lot better than the version available in
Breezy, and it has been working flawlessly for me.

Daniel Robitaille

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