Problem with suspend to ram on Dell Inspiron 6000

Vegar Nilsen vegar.nilsen at
Thu Jan 19 18:07:08 GMT 2006


I have a curious problem with suspend to ram on an updated
Dapper-install. If I put the computer to sleep and then leave it in
the same physical spot until I either open the lid or push the
power-button then everything works as it should. But, if I move it
while it's sleeping, like putting it in my laptop bag and then taking
it out again, then it won't wake up properly.

The hard drive light is on constantly, and commands like top(1) and
lsof(8) hangs in the terminal, not showing up in a "ps auxww" (which
works). If I try to access the "log out" menu it never appears.

Suspend to ram worked flawlessly in Breezy, and it works in Windows XP
Home (dual-boot), so I don't think it's a hardware problem.

If anyone have any ideas of tests I could run to determine the cause
of this problem I'd be happy to try them out. I'd report this in
Malone, but I don't know which program it should be reported against,
hints here are also appreciated.



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