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Thu Jan 19 12:07:59 GMT 2006

My point is, real new users don't even notice when they are sudo-ing.
They don't open the console. They just perfom actions through the GNOME
interface and sometimes they are prompted for a password. That's it.

One of the things that Ubuntu docs, FAQs and help could improve is to
offer primarly solutions that can be performed in the desktop, and
alternatively the command line way of doing things.

GNOME is great for new users, you can perform almost everything without
needing the console. GNOME doesn't mention "sudo" nor "root" in its
interface. So why confuse them sending them to the command line to edit
apt sources, mount/unmont and other actions requested by new users that
require sudo an root permissions. Just send them to

System > Administration > Whatever or if really needed to

Aplications > System tools > Run as different user

and that's it.

En/na Yuki Cuss ha escrit:

> But, new users don't realise this! They can't see why they shouldn't
> just run everything as root, despite the security implications that may
> be obvious to you or I.

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