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Thu Jan 19 10:45:26 GMT 2006

En/na George Barnett ha escrit:
> To execute a command as root, run "sudo <command>" and enter your password.
> Is this really needed?

Yes, it is.

> Think from a new user perspective:

A new user won't sudo. He will be only prompt for his password when
performing an action thar requires sudo behind the scenes. If he is
opening the console to sudo manually it's because a) is not a new user
anymore or b) needs to know that he is about to do something to be
careful about.

> - what is root?

If you don't know this you better have no permanent root permissions.

> - what is sudo?

If you don't know what is this you better don't sudo manually. Just
enter your passowrd when prompted.

> - why would I want to run things as root?

You don't. You want to perform actions. Some actions are delicate and
require your user password for extra security. People understand this.

> - maybe I should run everything as root!

Yeah, and maybe also run a cruiser since I have a driving license. :)

See Microsoft's history of virus and self-damage during the years in
which users were roots and you will soon realise that no, you shouldn't.

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