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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jan 18 16:01:39 GMT 2006


Jamie Jones [2006-01-19  1:36 +1100]:
> Martin, assuming we can generate a data feed, what do you think ? Would
> you use it ?

I already have a per-release data feed at [1] (source code is linked
at the bottom of the page), so this might be suitable as input for
that package. For my current security work I use this system
exclusively, I don't think that the package would help me for doing
security review. OTOH it's not meant for distro security team dudes,
but for server admins. :)

Wrt. tracking, the long term goal is to move CVE tracking to
Launchpad, which would allow tracking Debian vulns, too. My own system
is a bit Ubuntu-centric right now (mainly because it tracks release
names and not versions), but since we'll switch to Launchpad
eventually anyway, I don't want to invest major efforts into it any




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